Next-Generation Cytokine Therapy

Developing First-in-Class
Multi-Cytokine Inhibitory Therapeutics


About Bioniz Therapeutics

Bioniz Therapeutics is a private biopharmaceutical company leading the discovery and development of first-in-class anti-cytokine therapies to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases driven by unregulated T-cell biology. Bioniz leverages its world class expertise in cytokine biology to develop a pipeline of novel peptide therapeutics to selectively inhibit functionally redundant cytokines while leaving the rest of the cytokine network intact.

The company’s lead product candidate, BNZ-1, has successfully completed a Phase 1/2 clinical trial in Refractory Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (rCTCL). Bioniz is also evaluating BNZ-1 for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, including alopecia areata and vitiligo. BNZ-2 and BNZ-3 are being developed as potential treatments for celiac disease and inflammatory bowel disease.

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