Bioniz Therapeutics

Seeking to balance the immune system for those suffering from auto-immune and immune dysregulation diseases

A Leader in Precision Immunology by Targeted and Selective Cytokine Modulation

Bioniz is a clinical-stage therapeutics company transforming drug development for immune-driven diseases by focusing on the selective modulation of multiple cytokines, the primary mediators of the immune system. Our proprietary technology, called Multi Modal Modulation (M3), has enabled the rational design of next generation anti-cytokine therapeutics that can selectively inhibit multiple cytokines as a single therapeutic agent while maintaining the normal functionality of the immune system.

About Bioniz


M3 Technology: Multi Modal Modulation

Bioniz’s M3 Technology Platform incorporates in silico machine learning techniques and synthesizes our deep understanding of cytokine biology, and the unique features of peptides, to create a new class of therapeutics that specifically inhibit multiple cytokines within a family simultaneously, while leaving the rest of the immune signaling network of the family intact. Many immune-mediated diseases are driven by the same combination of dysregulated cytokines, and we believe identifying the key cytokines for these diseases will allow us to target and develop customized treatment strategies for multiple autoimmune diseases with each rationally designed next-generation peptide.


How we are different

We are a group of dedicated individuals committed to the pursuit of science for the betterment of patients’ lives.

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